My wife has been denied UK spouse visa. How can I appeal the refusal decision?

Raheela Hussain, Principal Solicitor of Greenfields Solicitors explains what you can do to appeal the spouse visa refusal decision by the British Embassy.

Question: My wife applied for a spouse visa in Ghana but the British Embassy refused it because they did not accept our relationship as being genuine even though we have been married for two years. We are very upset and want to find out how to appeal the refusal decision since I want my wife to be in England with me quickly.

Raheela Hussain, Principal Solicitor of Greenfields Solicitors
Raheela Hussain, Principal Solicitor of Greenfields Solicitors

Answer: Your wife should have been granted a full right of appeal and there will be a deadline to appeal the refusal decision which is usually 28 days from the date of the refusal notice.

The appeal forms need to be properly completed and the Tribunal fees will also need to be paid. An appeal hearing date will be set by the Tribunal and you will be able to attend the hearing along with a Barrister to argue that the decision to refuse your wife’s spouse visa is wrong and should be overturned and that she should be granted with a spouse visa.

You will need to provide paperwork to the Immigration Tribunal before the hearing including evidence to show that the marriage is genuine and subsisting. It is important to obtain legal advice following a visa refusal decision so you can get the best advice and legal representation for an appeal as appeals can be complicated and lengthy.

By Raheela Hussain,
Principal Solicitor of Greenfields Solicitors

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