Myth busted: Migrants in Norfolk don’t put pressure on NHS

Despite high number of migrant workers in Norfolk, NHS hardly used


15th December 2010: The myth used since long to build up a case against immigration stands punctured — they do not put pressure on the NHS after all. At least in south Norfolk, the Migrant workers rarely use the NHS

Commissioned by Public health project Thetford Healthy Town, the report aims at determining the experiences of migrant workers using health services.

Though Norfolk has a high number of migrant workers and "major concerns" were raised over the impact of increased migration on the NHS, the report found migrants made little or no use of the services. Most registered with a GP.

Chair of NHS Norfolk Sheila Childerhouse said NHS Norfolk is attempting to better understand the needs and issues of our many communities, including European migrants, to ensure their services continue to be relevant, responsive and of the highest quality.

The report draws a number of valuable conclusions which they can use to develop and improve the services they provide not only to migrant communities, but also to existing communities across Norfolk.


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