New Biometric Resident Permits (BRPs) for non-EEA visa applicants

Silhouette of luggage and people walking in airport

The Home Office is issuing new Biometric Resident Permits (BRPs) for non-EEA visa applicants applying for UK visas.

The new regulations mean that non-EEA visa applicants, applying to reside in the UK for longer than 6 months, will be issued with a BRP instead of a visa attached to their travel document.

Biometric Resident Permits are already issued for residents in the UK whose immigration status has been altered or extended. The changes mean that those applying from abroad will receive the same process.

BRPs will be rolled out in the UK in phases across non-EEA countries over a four month period starting March 2015 with primary tests in Delhi. The BRP allows the you to easily demonstrate your entitlement to work in the UK.

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