New campaigning toolkit launched to help people facing removal

National Coalition of Anti-Deportation campaigns has launched a new campaigning toolkit to help people at risk of removal.

The Toolkit is a comprehensive resource for people at risk of removal, and the groups working to support them. It aims to help migrants understand the asylum and immigration systems, to know their rights, and to be as well-equipped as possible to make a successful application.

Part One sets out different ways of campaigning for the right to stay in the UK that may be useful in an individual campaign. The strategies could be used individually, or in combination. Some of the actions are public, others can be taken up in non-public campaigning. Much of the material contained in this part of the toolkit is based on the experiences of individual campaigns provided by supporters and partners of NCADC.

Part Two gives an explanation of the procedures for applying for asylum or immigration status and aims to help migrants and their supporters understand where they are in the system, what their rights are, and what might come next. This understanding is even more crucial as access to justice and legal support declines.

The toolkit is available as a hardcopy resource or online. It's free, but if you would like to help NCADC keep the toolkit frequently updated and to reach as wide as audience as possible, a suggested donation of £5 would be much appreciated!

For further information, please contact an NCADC co-ordinator by clicking here.

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