New era of forceful cross-channel border controls: May and French counterpart in Calais

"The large number of North African migrants will not be allowed to enter", Theresa May 


6th June, 2011: Home Secretary Theresa May will inspect cross-Channel border controls and hold talks with her French counterpart in Calais. May will meet French interior minister Claude Gueant and inspect the security of the port and tunnel ahead of next year’s Olympic Games in London.


It will be the first time a French interior minister has visited the Calais border operations since Nicolas Sarkozy, now president, vowed to close the Red Cross’s controversial Sangatte refugee camp when he visited in 2002.

May will keep up the issue for help in tackling cross-Channel border control breakdown in a meeting with her French counterpart.

Theresa May has cautioned that entry controls will be strengthened in a bid to stop crowds of immigrants, who have been gathering at French ports, from smuggling themselves into the UK.

The Home Secretary said the large number of North African migrants will not be allowed to enter as she ushers in a new era of forceful border controls.

She will be firm that the UK will not opt into any EU proposals that would weaken the borders.

In Daily Express, May said that Britain would not be accepting large number of North African migrants.  She asserted,” We have not, and will not, opt in to any EU proposal that would weaken our borders.”

May said that the fight against illegal immigration is one of the Government’s highest priorities and that would never stop.” We are determined to properly secure our borders.”

The Home Secretary will discuss security measures with Claude Gueant, French interior minister who had pledged to close his country’s borders to unwelcome aliens.

They will inspect the security measures around the Calais port area and the Channel Tunnel.

The information available suggests that at least 40,000 migrants have fled to Europe since the start of the Arab Spring.
May said she accepted previous disapproval of the border at Calais but insisted that tougher measures have already seen optimistic results since the coalition Government came to power.

Today’s talks come in the wake of a report revealing UK border officials for creating a secret official pardon for tens of thousands of asylum seekers.

Under the Schengen Agreement, citizens in 25 mainland European Union (EU) nations are allowed to travel across borders without having their passports checked. But the deal is under danger as tensions have risen over the fleeing migrants after Italy handed more than 25,000 Tunisians temporary consent to travel, effectively giving them unobstructed travel around the 25 EU nations. The UK and Ireland are not part of the agreement.


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