New wave of Moldavians in the European labour market

Swifter route to Romanian citizenship gives Moldavians easy access to the free European labour market

24 April 2009. A million new Romanians free to travel and search for work across the European Union.

romania_moldova.pngThis is the specter that frightens the Old Continent since Romanian president Traian Basescu announced his plan to change the Romanian citizenship law. The aim is to facilitate the applications by Moldavian citizens with family ties to Romania.

According to his plan, it will be easier and easier to acquire Romanian – and thus European – citizenship for those who had previously lost it and for their descendants up to the third degree.

Applicants will not need to pass any language test and the process will not last more that 5 months.

Until 1940, most of the area currently under the Moldavian Republic was part of Romania. Following the Ribentropp-Molotov pact, it was invaded by the Red Army and became the Soviet Socialist Republic of Moldavia.

Hence, many would possess the requisites to ask for citizenship.

Moldavia being the poorest country in Europe, no doubt the new Romanians will go for this golden opportunity and make up the new most significant wave of European migration.

President Basescu quoted a figure of about one million applications already waiting for approval.

The move will give the former Moldovans the right to live anywhere in the EU, including the UK.??

A Moldavian citizen wanting to emigrate would find a way to do so in any case, but a European Union passport would certainly pave their way. No EU country could stop him, at least not indefinitely, since limitations to entry may be placed by a member country, but only temporarily.

Attacking the plan, UKIP leader Nigel Farage said, “I can’t vote for the President of Romania and nor can you, so how can he decide who comes to our country?

“The EU takes away the most basic power, that of we British being able to decide who shares our island nation with us,” he said in a remark quoted by many European and British papers.

A Home Office spokesman commented, “We are determined to ensure that migration benefits the British people.

“It is essential that only those we need can come here and work.”??

He added, “We have already suspended tier three of the points-based system to stop low skilled migrants from outside the European Economic Area entering the UK.”?

The Romanian Minister of Foreign Affairs, Cristian Diaconescu, declined to comment on the politician’s words in a press conference at the Romanian embassy during his latest visit in London, reported the UK Romanian weekly, Ziarul Romanesc. All details of the plan have been given to the EU, he said.

by Federica Gaida

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