Nick Griffin, known for tough stance against immigration, re-elected as BNP leader

Defeats Andrew Brons MEP 27th July 2011: Nick Griffin, known for his tough stance against immigration, has been re-elected as leader of the British National Party.
The party’s website said Griffin received 1,157 votes. On the other hand,  and his opponent, Andrew Brons MEP, bagged 1,148. As many as 11 papers were spoiled.

The website quoted Griffin as saying the "time for division and disruption is over" and urging members of his party to "go forward together".

The re-election comes soon after it became apparent that the BNP’s anti-immigration image has failed to click with the public.

In fact, extreme rightwing party faced defeat in the local elections.

In constant criticism for its tough stand on immigration, the party has already been blamed for turning to a hardcore group of neo-Nazis and racists to contest as candidates in local elections.

The criticism came from anti-BNP campaign group Hope not Hate. The group claimed it has compiled a folder of extremist postings of candidates standing on 5 May in the council elections, even those to the Scottish Parliament and Welsh Assembly.

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