Ninety per cent voters against full stop on immigration

Extremist group is a fringe party, voters confirm
Just six per cent believe the party has best immigration policies

26th October 2009: A whooping 90 per cent of the voters talked to during a survey are not in favor of stopping all immigration.

The survey carried out soon after BNP leader Nick Griffin appeared on BBC1’s Question Time found out that only about six per cent of the voters believe the party has the best immigration policies; 90 per cent confirmed the impression that the extremist group was still a fringe party.

The survey also found as many as 69 per cent were oppose to the party’s view that the interest of the Britons should be given priority over others. More than half, at 54 per cent, were clear in their assertion that Griffin’s television appearance would have a negative impact, and put potential voters off the party.

According to the ICM poll, 54 per cent thought Britain had too many immigrants; and 65 per cent were of the opinion that the recent arrivals were getting better deals on housing and state benefits.
Forty-four per cent said the mainstream parties had left behind the white working class. Many voters also expressed diminutive confidence in the mainstream parties on the issue; 62 per cent agreed they had no credible immigration policies.

Just over a quarter thought the notion of the Conservatives on the issue was the best, while 21 per cent named Labour and 13 per cent the Lib Dems.

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