`No difference between Tories’ and Labour’ policies’

Both will end in overrunning of Britain: BNP

12th January 2010:
A day after Tory leader David Cameron reiterated the number of immigrants coming to the UK would be cut by as much as 75 per cent under a Conservative government, the British National Party reacted by saying “the Tories were now identical to all the other parties”

Comparing the Tories with the Labour party, the BNP said Cameron’s plans mean there is ultimately no difference “between the end result of his party’s policies and those of the Labour Party. Both will end in the overrunning of Britain”.

The BNP said the Tories have a policy which will permit at least half a million new Third World immigrants to enter Britain each year.

The assertion comes at a time when the contribution of the immigrants to the UK is well recognised.

Cameron had earlier agreed the country has benefited from immigration, but insisted the pressures, particularly on our public services, had been very great.

Cameron had asserted he was paying attention on the pressure on public services due to the new arrivals. This included pressure on health, education and housing.

Airing his views on the need for cutting down the immigration levels and a cap on immigration, Cameron had reiterated the numbers would be cut by as much as 75 per cent under a Conservative government.

Cameron made it clear that he wanted to see annual net immigration levels — the difference between the numbers leaving and arriving — fall from the 200,000 in the recent years to as less as the ‘tens of thousands’ under the Thatcher and Major governments.

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