Now, have a say on fee charged for immigration, visa pleas

Public consultation on the fees charged ends 1st December


4th November 2009: You can now have a say on the fee charged for immigration and visa applications. For the UK Border Agency is holding public consultation on the fees charged for immigration and visa applications.

The last date for sending the response is 1 December. As such, you have almost a month to send your feedback.

Elaborating, the Border has asserted: “We want to get people’s views on the fees we should charge for earned citizenship, which will be introduced in 2011. We also want to consult on other new chargeable services that could be introduced in future to respond to customer demand and improve customer choice – for example, optional premium services at a higher fee. The consultation is open for 12 weeks, until 1 December 2009”.

The Government is already undertaking a United Kingdom tour to gauge opinion on proposals to introduce a points system for migrants to earn British citizenship.

The Border Agency believes one of the key principles of the earned citizenship system is building community cohesion, through encouraging community involvement through ‘active citizenship’.

Migrants already contribute to communities throughout the United Kingdom and the Government wants to support integration by encouraging more of this activity. That is why a migrant’s journey to citizenship will speed up if they conduct voluntary or civic work.

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