NRIs, fearing police harassment back home, can expect better treatment

Punjab & Haryana High Court at Chandigarh warns against their implication

7th March 2011: Non resident Indians going back to their country for vacations, or with family and friends still there, can expect a better treatment from the authorities concerned.
So far complaining of harassment and implication by the Indian Police, they can now look forward to greater cooperation, with the Punjab and Haryana High Court at Chandigarh warning the authorities concerned that the NRIs will cut ties with their homeland, if the practice of false implication by the police is put to a stop.

The assertion by a Division Bench came on a petition filed by Ajit Singh of London’s Hay Mill Closs.

The Bench of Justice Satish Kumar Mittal and M. Jeyapaul held Ajit Singh had been implicated by the police in his co-brother’s murder case after an accident case was converted into a murder offence.

The observations made while acquitting Ajit Singh of the charges are significant as the NRIs, including the ones settled in the UK, have all along been complaining of implication in case, particularly matrimonial matters.
The NRIs have rather been saying their parents and other relatives in India are harassed on allegations of dowry demand; and jurisdictions are silently shifted to India when a marriage turns sour to take advantage of the dowry laws.

The Bench asserted: If such a treatment is meted out to innocent NRIs by uniformed force, no NRI would think of a pleasant tour to his mother India. It is high time such a trend is nipped in the bud itself, before it snowballed into a gigantic problem”.

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