Number of international students in UK varsities dwindling

Pleas to Greenwich University down by 10 per cent this year

14th September 2011: The number of international students in UK varsities is dwindling. A testimony to this effect is provided by assertion made by vice-chancellor of Greenwich University and a former Labour Universities minister Baroness Blackstone.
She has asserted that applications to her university were down by 10 per cent this year.

Her comments only give credence to the apprehensions by the universities that the visa restrictions are driving international students away from the UK varsities.

Already, Leeds businessman and the chairman of the Asian Business Development Network Arshad Chaudhry has asserted restricting students, along with skilled workers, and entrepreneurs from non-EU counties will not help an already struggling economy out of its malaise.

Estimates also suggest tougher restrictions on student visas could eventually cost the UK economy £900 million a year in lost income.

Foreign students accounted for three-quarters of all non-EU migrants in 2009. Statistically speaking, their number was 139,000 out of total net migration figure of 184,000.

It is also a well established fact that the foreign students make the UK a more diverse place. They bring in revenue, and repute. They go back home well read and better educated. And bring about changes in the existing system their native lands. The UK needs to adopt a more liberal approach towards them.


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