Number of Non EU students with study-related extensions fallen

Due to new Home Office measures, cracking down on study visa extensions, study related extensions fell by more than a quarter in the year ending March 2015 even though they still amounted to 84% of the extensions granted to students. The amount of refusals for study related extensions rose by 29% and there were less Institution-sponsored applications due to fewer applications for study in further education. 

The amount of work visas given to students however, are on the rise. Tier 2 skilled worker visas were up by a third when compared to 2013, with over 5000 visas being granted to students with UK job offers. Additionally, graduate entrepreneurship and internship visas increased by 13% in 2014.  

This week, further restrictions on study related extensions under Tier 4 have been announced by the government, an example being that from August 2015 university students wishing to study a new course at the same level can only do so if it is connected to their previous course or the university confirms it supports their career. 

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