NUS Black Students’ Campaign to visit Auschwitz

The NUS Black Students' Campaign will take part in the Unite Against Fascism delegation to Auschwitz concentration camp later in the term.

They’ll be joining up with nearly 50 other trade unionists and British anti-fascist activists to learn about the atrocities committed under fascism; the systematic murder of six million Jewish people, and millions of others, including LGBT, disabled and Roma people. One million people were killed in Auschwitz-Birkenau alone.

“It's vital that the student movement continues to campaign for a fascist-free future, by upholding our 'no platform for fascists' policies and keeps building the maximum possible unity we can against the far-right,” the NUS Black Students' Campaign said.

For more information on the Holocaust and how you can mark Holocaust Memorial Day on your campus this January, please visit:

For more info on Unite Against Fascism and how to get involved – check out their website here:

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