Obama victory, a victory for the lowly

A new dawn is here on American and world politics. The world has changed. 05 November 2008. Senator Barack Obama is now President-elect Barack Obama of the United States of America (USA).

Today Americans have given Obama the mandate to lead them. They voted for a charismatic leader, the best type of leader required during crisis.

It is unbelievable, but real. We are extremely lucky to have witnessed one of the greatest historical events in our time.
Americans have voted for a man who is widely accepted by people in all parts of the world. In fact if the whole world were to vote in American elections, Obama would have emerged victorious as he did today. All pre-election polls showed that all people from different parts of the world would have voted for Obama.

American elections have never attracted such keen interest from all parts of the world. The whole world is celebrating with America Obama’s victory, a testimony of how much this leader is loved beyond the American borders.
Obama’s victory is a victory for those who desire and believe in change. A victory for those who dream a better world, and believe dreams can be attained.

Who knew that a son of a Kenyan goat herder could become the President of the most powerful nation in the world? It is a miracle. Yes, a miracle that has happened in our time. This shows that miracles can still happen if people strongly believe.

America has today proved to the world once again that your capabilities can take you wherever you want to go. They’ve proved that your success doesn’t depend on the type of family you were born in, the skin of your colour, your religion, your political leaning. Americans have proved that if you qualify, you can make it.
Americans didn’t vote Obama president because he is black, a Democrat, etc. They voted him because they see in him a leader with a vision. They trust him to help America at this particular moment to overcome the deep financial crisis affecting the country and American families.
Americans have shown that they want to return into communion with the rest of the world. The country no longer wants to act unilaterally as has been done in the recent years, which made America lose credibility at international level, bear enormous costs, and made it less secure.

Obama victory is a victory for those who love diplomacy, who believe that through dialogue with all, better solutions can be found. It is a victory for those who believe that no weapon is more effective than the word. Yes, this has been understood by American voters who lined up behind a man who wants to dialogue with all, including the so-called historical and invisible enemies America has believed to be using overwhelming force to fight without much success.

Obama victory is also a victory for the young people who in many countries have been kept away from power. Finally here’s a young and energetic man ready to lead the most influential nation in the world.

It is a victory for a leader who inspires people at this time of darkness to walk towards the light with conviction that courage to change status quo can bring better results. A victory for a leader who won elections by not instilling fear in people and claiming to be one who can help them overcome it, but for a leader who helped people understand that through unity, they can all help make America and the world a better place to live in.
Obama victory is a challenge to politicians in certain parts of the world who have not yet appreciated the important role immigrants and their children can play in the national politics.

There was a time I was tempted to write a book titled “If Obama were born in Italy: How far could he have gone?” May be it will be written one day, but what I know for sure at this stage is that an Obama born in Italy could have found it quite tough to make it to be councillor in a local municipality. This is not only true in Italy, but in many other developed nations. The world must learn from this American experience.

Obama doesn’t exist only in the US. There are so many Obamas, if I may use that word, in other developed countries who are totally ignored, who meet unimaginable obstacles in their attempts to join active politics. Such obstacles must be removed to allow these people make their contribution to the political life of their new host countries.

So many Obamas who are frustrated simply because their parents were of foreign origin move away, in this way impoverishing their host countries.
I’m not trying to say that we have to start having Obamas as presidents in all countries. I’m simply trying to say that no one should be discriminated against simply because either or both of his/her parents were of foreign origin.

Obama victory is a victory for all the marginalised parts of the population.
It breaks a taboo that for centuries has kept certain people very far away from the centre of power.

It is a victory for children raised up in poor families, for immigrants, for the ethnic minorities in general, for single mothers, for grandmothers, and above all, for the Americans who have proved that skin colour of a candidate is an irrelevant factor. It is a victory against racial discrimination.

We wish President Obama well as he now takes steps to transform the election promises into a concrete action plan. Congratulations Mr. President. Get down to work, and prove that you believe in everything you’ve been saying throughout this long campaign period. You can’t afford to disappoint Americans and the whole world.

You’ve made history as the first African-American President. Now make history as the American President who was committed to promoting true democracy and peace throughout the world. Help make the world a safe place once again. You don’t have to do it alone, just lead the way and many others will follow, as Americans have just done.

Long live Obama! Long live democracy! Long live meritocracy!

By Stephen Ogongo eu_news.gif

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