On-line poll: Over 60 per cent say “no” to government policies on migrants

Just about 12 per cent believe policies good for migrants

25th June 2010:
A substantial number of people, including foreigners in UK, have said no to new government policies for migrants.

They largely believe new government policies will not be good for migrants.


An online survey by the between 13 May 2010 and 15th June 2010 reveals 69.4 per cent reply in negative to the poser “Will new government policies be good for the migrants?”

The intention behind the survey was to know from the readers whether they thought the new government policies would be good for the migrants.

The idea was to ensure your opinion reached the corridors of power. The participants were asked to reply in “yes”, no”, “maybe” or “I don’t know” to the simple question.
The data reveals just 12 per cent thought the policies would be good for the migrants by saying “yes”.

The poll by revealed that a majority of the people who participated were very clear about their opinion. Just about 10. 2 per cent expressed their inability to say anything on the issue by clicking on to `I don’t know’. Another 8.3 per cent were not sure and clicked on to `May be’.

Their assertions cannot be dubbed as “voice of the nation”, as the sample size was not very large. For the same reason, it cannot be taken as substantive confirmation of the fact that the people want the government to take a complete turn on the issue.

But their opinion assumes significance in light of the fact that the new government is in the process of working on its policies.

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