On-line poll: Over 60 per cent say “yes” to open-door immigration policy

A whooping 68.8 per cent want it to be retained. Just about 15 per cent say “Hell, no”.

12th May 2010: A substantial number of people, including foreigners in the UK, who participated in an on-line poll, are apparently in favour of “open-door policy” on immigration.

More than half the number of people, who participated in the poll on the issue, expressed the desire for continuation of the policy.

Their assertion cannot be dubbed as “voice of the nation”, as the sample size was not very large. For the same reason, it cannot be taken as substantive confirmation of the fact that the people want the open door policy to be retained.

But their opinion assumes significance in light of the fact that the new government is in the process of formation; and Britain’s open door policy is one of the major issues of discussion.

The poll by revealed that a majority of the people who participated were very clear about their opinion. Just about 7.8 per cent said they were not sure about the open door policy.

A whooping 68.8 per cent said “yes” to the question “Should the open-door policy be retained?” Just about 15 per cent said “Hell, no”.

Already, the Tories have made clear their stand to steer away from Labour’s open-door policy.

Even before the polls, Tory leader David Cameron expressed desire to cut annual immigration by 80 per cent, if the Tories won the general election.

Nick Clegg, on the other hand, seems to be more open and has made it clear he is in favour of fair, workable immigration system.

The Liberal Democrat leader has asserted he wants a system “that counts people in, counts people out, only makes sure immigrants come here, if there are jobs for them to do in parts of the country where they don’t place unreasonable strain on housing and public services."

By Monika

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