On strike over foreign workers

600 English labourers refuse to work together with 90 Italians 28 January 2009 – Around 300 contract workers at the Total Lindsey Refinery in North Lincolnshire were on strike this mornig in protest to the influx of 90 foreign workers.

Grimsby Telegraph reported that 600 workers will form a picket line at the refinery in Immingham tomorrow morning at 6:30am.

The workers came out to protest against foreign counterparts, believed to be from Italy. Bosses at the refinery have confirmed the migrant workers will be accommodated in off-shore barges in Grimsby docks.

Unite shop steward Garry Scales said for BBC: "We are angry that workers have been taken on from outside the UK when people here are out of work."

In a statement, Total said: "A number of contractors working on a project at Lindsey oil refinery have staged a walkout this morning.

"The unit is separate to the main refinery, and as such, this action has not affected the normal operation of the refinery.

"The main contractor, Jacobs is currently having discussions with the workers and union representatives. We hope the situation will be resolved as soon as possible."

Situated close to the south bank of the Humber Estuary in North Lincolnshire, Lindsey Oil Refinery is wholly owned by Total following the acquisition of Fina in 1999. Third largest refinery in the UK, it can process 200000 barrels of crude oil per day, supplying products to the UK and Northern Europe.

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