One cap does not fit all: Wishart

Scottish varsities finding tough to recruit due to coalition’s policies

25th January 2011:
Referring to the issue of immigration limits being imposed by the Government, SNP MP Pete Wishart has asserted that one cap does not fit all.

Wishart was of the view that Scottish universities in particular were finding it tough to recruit as a result of the coalition’s policies."

He was reacting to veteran Conservative MP Tony Baldry’s remarks of literally telling people in England to get on their bikes and head north of the Border to fill the Scottish jobs taken up by immigrants.

Wishart described Baldry’s comment as "typical of the English Tory mindset".

Elaborating, he said Baldry’s comments indicated get on your bike and head for the Scottish Border. He added they simply do not understand Scotland has different needs than other parts of the UK; and that is the reason why Scots keep on rejecting the Tories in elections.

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