`One migrant, one wife’ rule to prevail

No `harems’ in Britain: Border Agency

29th November 2009: Muslim immigrants will be allowed only one wife.
The new rules were issued by Immigration Minister Phil Woolas bar them from bringing their “harems” into Britain.

The development is significant as rough estimates suggest there are approximately 1,000 harems in Britain. These are costing at least £5million a year.

As per the new rules, they will be required to provide documentary proof of divorcing all other spouses when applying to settle in the UK.

Immigration Minister Phil Woolas says just because people come from a different culture it does not mean they can usurp UK immigration law.

The new rules make a clear departure from the existing ones which recognized migrants’ polygamous marriages in Britain, provided the weddings were legal in the countries where they took place. As a result, extra wives too were able to claim income support benefits at a special rate of £36.65 a week.

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