Out of tune with BNP, Bizzle sings his way to trouble

BNP legal officer lays criminal charge against the singer

29th April 2010: Ghanaian-origin rap singer “Lethal Bizzle” is in line of BNP’s fire, after he allegedly called for Nick Griffin’s murder on Twitter.

British National Party’s legal officer Lee Barnes has laid a criminal charge against the singer.

A Twitter message by Lethal Bizzle reads: “Got an idea, u wanna be famous? Kill the BNP leader, u will be a hero.”

Describing it as a threat, Barnes said it could not be taken lightly. “This constitutes a serious threat,” Barnes said, adding Bizzle’s twitter was clearly an incitement to serious violence against Nick Griffin

Imagine if a threat like that had been issued by Griffin against Bizzle. The BNP leader would have been arrested within minutes, but it seems that black rappers are somehow protected, Barnes said

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