£3,000 visa security bond for African and Asian visitors scrapped

The plan to introduce a £3,000 security bond for some high risk overseas visitors to the UK has been abandoned.

Last June it was reported that Home Secretary Theresa May was planning to introduce a controversial scheme forcing visitors from India, Pakistan, Nigeria and high-risk countries to pay a security bond of £3,000 before they enter the country.

The move was meant to deter people from overstaying their visitor visas. Visitors who failed to return home after the expiry of their visas would have automatically forfeited the £3,000.

The decision to abandon the scheme is thought to have been taken after Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg threatened to block it, BBC reported.

"The Home Office version of the policy was not acceptable to the Liberal Democrats and was not supported by other government departments," Lib Dem sources told the Press Association. "They have seen the writing on the wall and binned it off. We have been clear from the start that the version was just not acceptable to us."

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