PACE: State violence against migrants must be stamped out

The Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe (PACE) has expressed grave concern at an increasing number of incidents of state violence against migrants and refugees.

In a joint statement, the Chairs of the Migration and Equality Committees of the PACE, Giacomo Santini and Tina Acketoft condemned the recent alleged beating to death of an asylum seeker in Malta while being detained by two soldiers.

They described it as “an extremely serious incident.”

“Attacks against migrants and refugees are of increasing concern, including in Greece, where there are a worrying number of allegations of police brutality, and failures by them to investigate racist attacks on migrants and refugees,” they said.

The two committee Chairs welcomed the signals from the Maltese authorities that they would conduct a rapid investigation into the death of the asylum seeker.

They emphasised the need to stamp out violence against migrants and refugees, whether by state actors or by individuals. “Persons responsible for such violence must be brought to account,” they said.

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