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    Net migration to UK falls by more than 100,000 after Brexit vote

    Net migration to Britain has fallen by nearly a third to 230,000 in the year to June, new official figures show. The figures also show that a strong “Brexodus” is getting under way, with EU nationals accounting for three-quarters of those who chose to return to their native country. Net migration is the difference between […] More

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    Information you should NEVER include on your Curriculum Vitae (CV) and why

    Providing too much personal information on your Curriculum Vitae (CV) is not advisable since it may lead to identity theft, SAFERjobs has warned. Your CV should be an overview of your basic personal details, employment/academic history, including any qualifications gained. It is primarily used by employers to screen the suitability of a job seeker and […] More

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    Plans to drastically reduce migration to UK post-Brexit handed to ministers

    Plans to end low-skilled migration from the EU after Brexit have been submitted to the government. The plans prepared by the pro-Brexit Leave Means Leave, would cut immigration to mid-1990s levels when between 55,000 and 77,000 more people came to the UK than left. The policy report is backed by senior Conservatives including former Tory […] More

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    More than 100 MPs ask Theresa May to back down over student migrant cap

    Over 100 MPs have a written a letter to Prime Minister Theresa May urging her to reconsider the “illogical decision” to maintain international students in the net inward migration target, City AM has revealed. The letter drafted by Labour MP Catherine West was signed by MPs from the Conservatives, Liberal Democrats, DUP, SNP, Plaid Cymru […] More

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    Immigration Minister recognises crucial role EU citizens play in UK construction industry

    Immigration Minister Brandon Lewis has recognised the crucial role EU citizens play in the UK construction industry. In a comment piece published in Construction News, Mr Lewis says that the EU citizens – from manual labourers and trades people to skilled engineers and surveyors, play a crucial role in Britain’s construction industry. “These people make […] More

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    UK expands Registered Traveller service to 15 new countries

    UK has expanded the Registered Traveller service to 40 countries to enable business travellers and frequent visitors faster entry to the country. Frequent travellers to the UK from 15 new countries are now eligible to apply for membership of the service, which according to the Home Office, brings the potential for improved trade and tourism links. […] More

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    Petition urges UK government to grant leave to undocumented Zimbabweans

    The UK Government is being urged to grant leave to undocumented Zimbabweans with at least 15 years residence in the country. The online petition initiated by Alice Muzira states that since the year 2000, “thousands of Zimbabweans have fled the turbulent political, social and economic situation in Zimbabwe. A significant number of Zimbabweans with at […] More

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    Home Office apologises for sending EU nationals deportation letters

    Brandon Lewis, Minister for Immigration has confirmed that the rights of EEA citizens living in the UK remain unchanged. In a written response to Edward Davey MP for Kingston and Surbiton, Mr Lewis said: “There has been no policy change with regards to EEA citizens living in the UK. Mr Davey sought to know from the Home Department whether […] More

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    How being bilingual rewires the fundamental structure of your brain

    Being bilingual can fundamentally alter the structure of your brain and rewire it to work differently than the brains of those who only speak one language, research has revealed. Citing bilinguals’ ability to hold two languages in their head and expertly switch between them at the right times, Pennsylvania State University cognitive scientist Judith F. […] More

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    UK banks required to check immigration status of 70 million customers

    The UK government will require banks and building societies to carry out immigration checks on 70m current accounts as part of the plan to create a “hostile environment” for irregular immigrants in Britain, the Guardian has revealed. The checks to be carried out from January next year, are meant to help the Home Office identify […] More