Passport exit checks being phased in at ports and border crossings

Immigration Control

Passport exit checks are now being phased in at ports and border crossings in an attempt to collect data on passengers leaving the UK and combat illegal immigration. The government claimed that the initiative will cause the ‘least possible disruption’ though minor disruptions to commercial air, sea and rail routes are expected. 

For the first month of the scheme, all passports will be scanned but only 25% will have their details checked in an attempt to minimise queuing. After a month, this will increase to 50% and by the middle of June 100% verification will take place. The Eurotunnel  which operates the Channel Tunnel, are moving to 100% checks straight away, so delays are expected. 

Jeremy Vine, former independent Chief Inspector of Borders and Immigration stated that the move would give “an idea of who has left Britain. because up until recently it’s not been possible for the government to know whose overstayed their visa and whose remained in the country.” 

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