Petition urges UK government to guarantee the rights of EU nationals after Brexit

An online petition has been launched urging the UK government to guarantee the rights of EU nationals after the Brexit vote.

“Nobody except the far-right fringe suggested during the referendum campaign that there might be removals of EU nationals or a removal of their rights. Yet new Prime Minister Theresa May has refused to give reassurances that EU nationals want and deserve,” says the petition.

Launched by Stand Up To Racism, the petition points out that EU nationals benefit Britain economically, socially, culturally, artistically, scientifically, politically and in many other ways, and are therefore welcome here.

It warns that their departure or fear to come to the UK would have a very bad impact on the NHS, industries and service, schools, universities and all other aspects of life.

“It is now vital that every EU citizen living in the UK is given a cast iron legally binding commitment that their right of residence and all their other rights will be guaranteed whatever the constitutional arrangements discussed in the future,” says the petition.

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