Phil’ Pie, cooked by Manchester No Borders

Manchester No Borders campaign group hit the Immigration minister with a pie.

27 October 2008. The Manchester No Borders campaign group, part of an international network resisting migration controls, reportedly claimed responsibility for the pie attack on Minister Woolas.

The group made objections to the minister’s comments that the Government would not allow the UK’s population to rise as high as 70 million.

The group has announced on their blog that:

"The immigration minister Phil Woolas was first asked for his passport, then given an ‘eco-nationalist award’ and finally had a pie thrown in his face by a group from Manchester No Borders. This came in response to his plans of more stringent population controls as announced in the national press. We also denounced his attempts to scapegoat immigrants for the ongoing economic and ecological crises."

Minister  Woolas said: “I am not the first politician for this to happen to and I will not be the last." He stood firmly saying that the worse thing to do is not talk about immigration.

“The immigrant often gets the worse end of the stick in many ways, but what we are of course doing is reassuring people the economic needs of the country in terms of migrant workers — people coming in and out of the country to work — is balanced with the impact on communities."


Here you can read the Manchester No Borders blog .

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