Planning to come to UK? knock louder and harder.

11th October 2011:
Planning to come to the UK? Be prepared to knock louder and harder. You will also finding yourself waiting longer for the doors to open for your family.

The new measures announced by Prime Minister David Cameron include stricter tests on the genuineness of a relationship for those wishing to bring partners to the UK, setting a minimum income level for those wishing to bring spouses and family here to ensure they are not placing a burden on the taxpayer and making spouses wait longer – five not two years – before they can apply to settle here, to help ensure their relationship is genuine.

The other measures include introducing new legislation to ensure registrars are able refuse to perform wedding ceremonies which they know to be a sham, rewriting the citizenship test to make sure British history and culture is at its heart, and rewriting the immigration rules to help prevent Article 8 of the European Convention on Human Rights being abused

Giving details of the steps, the Home Office said: `Prime Minister David Cameron outlined the government’s plans to get a grip on immigration into Britain.

`The Prime Minister set out changes to work, student and family migration routes to tackle abuse and ensure that those coming to Britain will be good for the country and drive economic growth.

`In a speech today at the Institute for Government he expressed his determination to make it even more difficult for illegal immigrants to stay in the UK, calling on the public to report suspected illegal migration through the Crimestoppers number or UK Border Agency website.

Immigration Minister Damian Green said: ‘We have made sweeping changes to the system to get a grip on immigration in this country, closing down routes that were subject to abuse and taking action against those with no right to be here.

‘Much has been done, but there is more to do to bring down net migration to the order of tens of thousands a year and ensure migration which benefits the UK.’

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