Police raids find ‘illegals’ in Cumbria

Take-aways face fines totalling £40,000 for allegedly employing illegal immigrants. 20 October 2008. Officers from the UK Border Agency swooped on the Hot Potato in William Street, Barrow, and Bodrum Continental in Station Road, Dalton, arresting four Turkish men – two at each business.

Both eateries were slapped with a Notice of Potential Liability which could land them with a fine of up to £20,000. All four workers were taken away by police, and the UK Border Agency said they will all remain in detention until they are removed from the country.The raids took place at 8pm last Thursday.

In addition, police seized £1,500 during the raid at Bodrum Continental under the Proceeds of Crime Act.

A spokesperson for the Dalton takeaway said: “The Bodrum Continental is running as usual with no problems at all, with the same service and quality.” She added the business was expecting both its employees to return.

At the Hot Potato in Barrow, partner Ali Abbas Ozmus claims one of the two people arrested was his cousin from Carlisle and the other had only been at the shop for two days.

In addition to the Furness raids, another operation was carried out in Milnthorpe, where more takeaway workers were arrested.

Chief Immigration Officer Gus MacDonald explained: “Thursday’s operations show the commitment that the UK Border Agency has to combating illegal working in Cumbria.
“We have encountered eight people working illegally, which could potentially result in £70,000 worth of fines against the businesses responsible.”

New laws which came into force in February this year mean anyone employing an illegal immigrant faces a fine of up to £10,000 for each person. The Civil Penalties Unit will decide if the employers were acting within the law.

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