Polish workers without food live in tents

They don’t have money to travel from Lincolnshire to London to renew their passports 3rd March 2009: The credit crunch is forcing many Polish workers to sleep rough in Lincolnshire with little to eat, a charity has claimed.

Priory Centre in Lincoln told the BBC that many Polish men who have lost their jobs now live in tents.

Some of them have reportedly set up camp next to the River Witham.

Some migrants have expired passports but can’t afford to travel to London to renew them, Charlotte McHugh of the charity said.

Ms McHugh said: "Because it is costly to renew their passports they cannot get jobs because they need them to do so. They are here legitimately but they are in a loophole, a Catch 22."

Many of the unemployed Polish migrants, Ms McHugh added were not entitled to benefits from the local authority as they had not lived in the UK for long enough.

The charity wants to co-ordinate donations for these workers to help them out of the situation. "If they can raise enough money to renew their passports, then they are increasing their chances of getting employment. It’s a way out for them," Ms McHugh said.

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