Political leaders confirm commitment to refugee protection

Prime Minister David Cameron, Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg and opposition leader Ed Milliband have confirmed commitment to refugee protection.

They supported the Refugee Week and praised the UK’s long tradition of offering safety to people fleeing persecution.

Mr Cameron said: "The UK has a long tradition of providing sanctuary for those fleeing persecution. I am proud that the UK offers genuine refugees and their children an opportunity to build a new life. Refugee Week is an excellent opportunity to recognise this and the contribution that refugees make to the UK.”

A similar message came from Mr Clegg who said: "Refugee Week is an important opportunity to draw attention to those people across the world who have been forced to flee from their homes, communities and countries. It also offers us the chance to celebrate the remarkable contribution which refugees make when they establish new lives in other countries.”

Mr Clegg praised the UK’s “long and proud tradition of providing refuge to people at a time of crisis.”

“Our culture is immeasurably richer for the culture, hard work, and diversity which refugees have brought to our society,” Mr Clegg. “I am proud that this legacy continues, and this year we have played our part by providing humanitarian aid, shelter and support to many Syrians fleeing the chaos engulfing their country.”

Mr Miliband said: "Refugee Week is a good moment to celebrate our country's history of offering sanctuary to those fleeing persecution and war. As the son of refugees I am particularly proud and grateful for that."

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