Politicians urged to do more for asylum seeking women

Jade Amoli-Jackson, a Refugee Council volunteer and refugee, has urged the Labour party to do more for destitute women asylum seekers.

Jade is a founding member of the London Women’s Refugee Forum which was set up following a joint Refugee Council and Women for Refugee Women course on campaigning for success.

The group is composed of women from 10 different countries. Jade said that before coming to the UK from Uganda, she had suffered a lot.

Like all members of the London Women’s Refugee Forum, Jade said she needed intensive help and support which sadly are not always given.

“Because of my own experiences, I feel determined to help change the system that affects other women like me,” Jade said.

The London Women’s Refugee Forum is campaigning on behalf of destitute asylum seeking women. Jade said that through the forum, she has been learning about campaigning techniques and ways to influence Members of Parliament.

They recently made a short film which explains why their Forum can be a real force for change.

Speaking at the Labour conference Movement for Change Fringe event, in front of Stella Creasy MP and Kezia Dugdale MSP, was another stepping stone to achieving change.

“I told my story to a room full of politicians alongside Rehemah, another member of the London Women’s Refugee Forum, and we received a standing ovation. I was really surprised; I wasn’t expecting that sort of reaction,” Jade said. “I hope it means that politicians will start taking action to improve the lives of asylum seeking women, and making real changes to the system that affects them.”

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