Poll reveals what Britons think about migrant access to in-work or child benefits

Baby crying

Baby crying

Almost 40% of Britons don’t want EU migrants to ever have access to UK in-work or child benefits, a new poll has revealed.

The survey by BMG Research comes as pressure mounts on Prime Minister David Cameron to strike a deal with Europe ahead of a referendum on whether Britain should quit the EU.

At least 41% of respondents feel that EU migrants should have a job arranged before arriving in the UK (41%).

This view is however heavily dependent on the age of respondents, with younger people more in favour of a 6-month limit (18-24s – 36%), and older people much more strongly supportive of a job being pre-arranged.

Although 39% of respondents feel EU migrants should never have access to UK in-work benefits, there is a working majority of respondents who do believe that they should at some point (54%). Just 6% felt they should immediately, 15% after one year or more, 33% after four years or more, and just 7% said they didn’t know.

Younger people are much more in favour of a one or a four year restriction before claiming, as are Labour and Liberal Democrat supporters.

UKIP supporters are much more strongly in favour of EU migrants claiming from the country where they previously lived.

While 40% of UK adults think EU migrants should have access to social housing in the UK after living in the UK for four years or more, 32% say they should never have access. Some 21% say after one year or more or immediately (7% don’t know).

People who hold that immigration and asylum are the most important issues facing society today are more likely to say EU job-seekers should never be able to claim job-seeking benefits with 59% indicating so.

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