Pressure on schools demonstrates effect of mass immigration – UKIP

UKIP has blamed uncontrolled immigration for increasing pressure on Britain's schools.

The party said that the pressure was fuelled by a migrant baby boom.

UKIP holds that controlled migration into the UK which is managed properly is a positive thing.

The party criticised the Labour policy of mass open door EU migration which it said has now sadly been continued by the present Coalition government.

“Enormous pressure has been placed on local services such as schools who must now provide places for numbers which are increasing at a rapid rate due to the large scale influx of migrant families. Class sizes are now regularly surpassing 30, which is the recommended maximum class size,” UKIP said.

The party called for a sensible immigration policy which allows skilled migrants to bring their expertise to the UK. “But as has been demonstrated by Britain's impending schools crisis, an open door policy is leading to chaos in our communities and placing a heavy burden on services,” UKIP said.

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