Proposals on family immigration will spell problems for family life

Plans would serve to split up families: JCWI
16th September 2011: Soon after the proposals on family migration were announced, Damian Green’s assertions evoked sharp reactions.
His statement was interpreted to mean the proposals would spell problems for family life; and may even to trick some women into entering abusive relationships.

Responding to the assertions, the Joint Council for the Welfare of Immigrants (JCWI) said the Coalition Government’s proposals to limit family immigration include some very damaging ideas.

These plans would serve to split up families, prevent cohesion and increase heartache for British people and migrants alike.

The JCWI said: `Extending the probationary period for spouses meaning they will have to wait five years instead of two before they can settle in the UK. This will not help integration or cohesion and will serve to entrap some women in abusive relationships.

`Other measures which look set to be introduced will mean a longer and more precarious route to family union, increasing the stresses and strains on people involved in an already stressful process’.
JCWI Chief Exec Habib Rahman added: `David Cameron spoke recently in the aftermath of the riots. In his speech he emphasised the centrality of the family, and his intent to ensure Government policy does not work against family unity. Surely now these policies which will split up families up and cause such heartache must be scrapped. Otherwise the Government is guilty of the worst kind of double standards.’

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