Protesters storm minister’s office

Woolas frustrated because protesters left without telling him what they wanted

16th March 2009: Protesters stormed into Immigration Minister Phil Woolas’ constituency office but the minister escaped uninjured.

The MP for Oldham East and Saddleworth was talking to a constituent when more than a dozen members of a group opposed to immigration controls entered.

The minister said the "anarchists" started filming and putting stickers on the walls. The stickers said "No to Immigration Control".

Mr. Woolas said the group didn’t force their way in because it’s public access.

Speaking about the incident, Mr Woolas said: "They waited for the end of the surgery then came into my office, they were filming, taking photographs and putting stickers on the wall which said ‘No to immigration control’.

"I think it’s the group that threw a custard pie at me when I was at Manchester University about six months ago."

Last October, protesters from the No Borders group threw a cream pie in minister’s face.

He said his assistant called the police and two officers attended.

“I left the building on police advice and the group left the building later on – there was no violence or damage.”

The minister is, however, frustrated because the protesters left without telling him what they wanted, Daily Mail reported.

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