REC calls for sensible, pragmatic approach to immigration

Home Office assures views will be considered before final immigration policy

1st October 2010: The Recruitment and Employment Confederation has called for “a sensible and pragmatic approach to immigration” to ensure UK jobs market remains fluid.
The assertion comes at a time when the government is under fire for its move to impose a cap on immigration. It came after REC attended the Home Office’s Business Advisory Panel Meeting for put forth the views of its members on several issues, including immigration policy, vetting and barring and better regulation.

The Panel comprises senior Government officials, leading business organisations and trade bodies. Home Office representatives acknowledged the industry’s stand on the proposed cap.

The representatives assured they would take into consideration the views of the REC and other business groups while finalising the immigration policy over the coming months.

The Government also confirmed the terms of reference for the review of the scheme would be declared after the party conference season. The decision with regard to the scope of the scheme would be announced in December.

Elaborating, REC Policy Advisor Scott Pendry said it was encouraging to see first-hand that the views of the REC and the UK recruitment industry were being taken on board by senior Home Office officials.

He added a sensible and pragmatic approach to both immigration and safe recruitment was needed to ensure the UK jobs market remains fluid.

The practical feedback from recruitment professionals is central to lobbying voice, and the Business Advisory Panels was just one of the platforms that enabled them to take their messages to the highest levels of Government.

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