Refugee Action asks government to extend asylum to all Afghan interpreters

Refugee Action has warned that the Government’s recent decision to offer a settlement package to some Afghan interpreters risks excluding many of those who served with British troops in Afghanistan.

In a joint letter published in the Times, signatories including David Davis MP, Major-General Timothy Cross, and Refugee Action Chief Executive Dave Garrett called for the Government to extend the protection measures to all interpreters who have worked with British forces in Afghanistan.

Dave Garrett, Chief Executive of Refugee Action, explained: "Whilst we welcome the UK Government’s decision to offer the Afghan interpreters the right to resettle, the current deal falls short of granting protection and safety for all these brave individuals who have worked with British forces during the twelve year conflict.

"This means that hundreds of interpreters who stopped working before the start of this year are not eligible for resettlement in the UK and continue to live in fear of execution by the Taliban. We urge the UK Government to extend its protection measures to all Afghan interpreters who worked with British forces on the frontline in Afghanistan."

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