Refugee Council: Put best interests of children at heart of all decisions

The Refugee Council has welcomed the report by the Joint Committee on Human Rights (JCHR) which revealed that immigration concerns are too often given priority over the rights of unaccompanied migrant children.

Judith Dennis, Policy Officer at Refugee Council said: “We welcome this report and its focus throughout on the need to put the best interests of the child at the heart of all decision making. The government must make sure that all policies, practices and funding arrangements comply with this requirement.”

Dennis said the Refugee Council was pleased to see recommendations relating to all aspects of the separated child’s life.

The government, Dennis said, should “consider the report very carefully and with a truly open mind. We specifically stress the importance of changing the law to allow every separated child the same appeal right as all asylum seekers – the current situation is a disgrace.”

“The Refugee Council also believes that local authorities should be funded to provide appropriate support to all care leavers whilst they remain in the UK, as the current policy achieves nothing and causes misery and harm,” Dennis added.

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