Refugee Council: Why Europe needs a system for sharing asylum seekers

Girl writing asylum

Refugee Council has called for a new system for sharing responsibility for processing asylum applications around European.

The decision on which country should process an application for asylum is currently dictated by the Dublin regulation, also known as Dublin III.

“This means that the countries on Europe’s borders, including Greece and Italy, are theoretically obliged to process a disproportionate number of asylum claims, while countries in northern Europe, such as Britain, are sheltered from offering asylum to large numbers of refugees,” Refugee Council said.

Girl writing asylumRefugee Council Policy Manager Judith Dennis criticized the Dublin regulation saying it “has never been fit for purpose.”

The regulation, Ms Dennis added, “is inherently unfair on Europe’s border nations. At the moment, under the Dublin regulation, asylum seekers are shuttled around the continent like unwanted luggage, and at great expense, as states in northern Europe try to shirk their responsibility towards protecting refugees.”

Ms Dennis said there was absolute need “to see a more equitable system for sharing responsibility across Europe for protecting refugees and enabling them to reunite with their family members here.”


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