Relax rules for elderly dependent relatives of British citizens, Home Office asked

An online petition has been launched asking the Home Office to relax rules for elderly dependent relatives of British citizens.

Immigration restrictions on non-EEA elderly dependent relatives of a British citizen require that "the relative must need long-term personal care to perform everyday tasks, such as washing and cooking and that such care should not be available in the country where they are living" before they are allowed into the UK.

“This rule is harsh both in its wording and intent. Many elderly are lonely and while may not be medically ill all the time do need a lot of attention and care when they become ill even for short periods of time,” the petition says. “We request that the medical health and support requirement be relaxed for at least a British citizen’s immediate family i.e. elderly parents and grandparents to be more humane and allow an elderly person who is dependent though not excessively ill or in need of continuous care to come to the UK and live together as a family with their British children or grandchildren.”

Click here to sign the petition.

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