`Release records on Orphans of Empire’

The demand to help former child migrants get personal details

17th November 2009: A day after Australian Prime Minister, Kevin Rudd apologized to the `Orphans of Empire’, demand for uncovering records of what actually happened to those involved has started making rounds.

Welcoming the apologies from the British and Australian prime ministers to the thousands of former British child migrants sent abroad, people are now asking for release of the remaining information on the subject.

MP for Wakefield from 1987 to 2005 and chair of the Commons health select committee from 1997 to 2005 David Hinchliffe has asserted there still remains an urgent need to uncover records relating to what actually happened to many of those involved. This might enable former child migrants and their descendants to obtain basic personal detail such as individual identity.

While considerable progress has been made in rehabilitating former migrants with their families, particularly through the Child Migrants Trust, Hinchliffe said he was convinced some of the agencies have been less than forthcoming on what happened.

For any apology from Britain to have any meaning, it was essential it must be accompanied by a vigorous effort to release any remaining information.

Some others have questioned the efficacy of the apology by asking how could it make things better.

`Release records on Orphans of Empire’

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