Report claiming that Brexit would cut net migration to Britain by 100,000 a year dismissed as “disingenuous”

air passengers

Air passengers

Britain Stronger in Europe campaign has dismissed the report by Migration Watch UK claiming that British exit (Brexit) from the EU could reduce net migration by about 100,000 a year from current levels.

The report claims not to advocate either exit from or remaining in the EU.

It shows that most EU migrants who have come to the UK since 2004 are in low-skilled work.

The report argues that if the UK were to permit entry only to higher skilled workers from the EU, their numbers could be substantially reduced.

The report also argues that no restrictions should be placed on EU citizens coming to the UK as students or tourists or, to live provided that they are self-sufficient.

Lord Green of Deddington, Chairman of Migration Watch UK, said: “It is time to examine possible alternative immigration regimes. Under the current arrangements all the signs are that EU migration to Britain will continue at a substantial rate for the foreseeable future; indeed, immigrants tend to generate further migration as their friends and relatives join them in their new countries. Net EU migration now amounts to 180,000 a year. Work permits for EU citizens would substantially reduce net migration and its resultant pressure on our population and public services.”

Reacting to the report, James McGrory, a spokesperson for Britain Stronger in Europe said Migration Watch UK’s report was a “disingenuous…example of the Leave campaigns fudging the facts because they know they’re losing the argument”, quoted him to have said.

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