Retired Gurkhas move London high court

The Nepalese force wants same pension rights as British soldiers


29th October 2009: After a public campaign led by actress Joanna Lumley succeeded in overturning the Government’s ban on allowing Gurkhas retiring before 1997 to settle in the UK, the Nepalese force has initiated a legal battle in the London High Court for same pension rights as British soldiers.

The British Gurkha Welfare Society has challenged the British Ministry of Defence’s pension arrangements, which they claim breach age and race discrimination laws.

As per the regulations, around 24,000 Gurkhas, who retired before July 1 1997, are not entitled to be transferred to the Armed Forces Pension Scheme. Another 7,000 Gurkhas with less than 15 years’ service receive no payments at all.

"This case is about our dignity. We are not being greedy, we are simply asking for equal treatment," The Daily Express quoted Major Tikendra Dewan, who retired in July 2002 after 31 years of service.
"The Gurkhas bring this case because they believe they have been unfairly treated by the MoD," Lawyer Declan O’Dempsey said.


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