Romanian police in London to help tackle crime gangs

Ten officers from the Romanian National Police have joined the Metropolitan Police Service on a three-month pilot initiative.

The officers will help the MPS in dealing with issues relating to Romanian nationals in London.

Met Commissioner Bernard Hogan Howe said: “The officers will be available to units across the Met to support Romanian victims of crime and assist in cases where suspects originate from Romania. This work will include obtaining intelligence, assisting in the identification of offenders, helping with interview procedures, and supporting pre-planned operations.”

"It is hoped the initiative will prove beneficial for both police forces with the officers gaining experience in how the Met operate; and the Met making the most of the officers' skills and expertise, which will prove invaluable when dealing with those issues affecting the Romanian community within the capital."

Mayor of London, Boris Johnson, said: "These Romanian officers will prove to be a huge asset in cracking down on certain criminal networks who are targeting tourists in central London. We are only days away from the Olympic Games and this initiative will help to keep our streets safe."

HE Dr. Ion Jinga, the Ambassador of Romania in London, said Romania and the UK have a strategic partnership, adding that the current project is part of a broader approach based on exchanging best practices and fighting criminality agreed last April when they met with Commissioner Bernard Hogan-Howe.

"In the context of the British multiculturalism with hundreds of nationalities and ethnic minorities harmoniously living together, we are very keen to protect the good reputation of the Romanian citizens living in the UK," Dr. Jinga said.

Commissioner Hogan-Howe will visit Romania later this year.

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