Romanians in UK will prove to be asset: Romania’s ambassador

`Immigrants will not be a burden on Scotland’s social care system’


23rd February 2011: Romanians in the UK will prove to be asset to the UK, says the Romania’s ambassador.

On a visit to Edinburgh, Dr Ion Jinga undertook that the immigrants from his country would not be a burden on Scotland’s social care system. In fact, they would build up links in trade, tourism and religious sectors between the two cultures.

Dr Jinga also presented chief executive of the Chamber of Commerce Ron Hewitt with a list of 70 joint venture projects which he believes will witness completion between Scotland and Romania.

In Scotland to open the first Romanian consulate in the UK outside London and hold meetings with key business and tourism officials, Dr Jinga asserted he was carrying out negotiations with two Scottish energy firms on potential renewables projects in Romania.

He expressed confidence that a direct air link will be created between the two countries.
Dr Jinga said they do not want Romanians to be a burden for the social services of Scotland – that was not the objective.

Dr Jinga also expressed hope that Scottish organisations would come out with tie-ups with companies in Romania, home to Europe’s largest wind farm. Scottish investment is very welcome to develop such projects, he insisted.


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