Sainsbury’s boss: No “economic justification” of immigration cap

Justin King, Sainsbury’s chief executive has questioned the cap on the number of immigrant workers allowed to come to the UK.

In an interview with Channel 5 News, Mr. King said there was “no economic justification to pick any particular number”.

Mr. King who is one of UK's biggest businessmen said: “Hardworking people, wherever they hail from – wherever in the UK they hail from, or wherever in Europe, those that are entitled to come here – coming here, working hard and contributing to our economy is a good thing.”

The government has been trying to impose a limit on the number of workers entering the UK from outside Europe. The target has been to scale back to the levels of the 1990s – when tens of thousands and not hundreds of thousands were allowed into the country.

“If you start getting into a debate about academic numbers then you’ve immediately moved away from the central idea which is that you should welcome anybody… that wants to make a positive contribution to our country,” Mr. King told Channel 5 News.

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