Scottish Universities call for separate policy on students’ visa

Varsities director writes to MPs on separate policy
19th January 2011: Scottish Universities has called for a separate policy on students’ visa.
The varsities believe student immigration restrictions would seriously threaten Scotland’s education industry.

The director of Universities, Scotland, Alastair Sim, has in fact written to MPs on the issue of a separate policy.

He has asserted they face a set of proposals which will completely undermine their ability to succeed in what is already a highly competitive market, at a time when university funding is cut across the UK, and universities are told to increase their income from other sources.

The assertion is significant, as the Scottish education sector depends heavily on fees overseas students pay for tuition; and international student fees at Scotland’s universities resulted in £188 million of income during the 2007-08 academic year.
The assertion comes at a time, when the UK Government comes out with plans to apply brakes on immigration for below-degree level students. The Government also plans to limit work rights for students, and prohibit students from bringing their family along with them.

As of now, the UK Border Agency is holding a public consultation on the issue of planned restrictions. It has already led to the voicing of causing by the education industry across Britain.

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