Seminar on Vulnerable Migrant Groups

Researchers focus on migrant integration and social cohesion.
13 October 2008. Promoting the Integration of Vulnerable Migrant Groups will take place in London on the 24th of November and will focus on irregular migrants, transient labour migrants and asylum-seekers and refugees.

The seminar is the third in a series organized by the Institute for Public Policy Research (IPPR) and supported by the Joseph Rowntree Foundation.

The seminar aims to translate recent research on immigrant integration and social inclusion into policy recommendations; consider the impact of policy interventions targeted at irregular migrants, transient labour migrants, asylum-seekers and refugees; share work and to consolidate networks between researchers and policymakers; disseminate best practice in migrant integration and social cohesion.

Speakers include Danny Sriskandarajah, Director of Research Strategy and Head of Migration Team, ippr, Emma Stone, Assistant Director, Policy and Research, Joseph Rowntree Foundation, Professor Mary Hickman, London Metropolitan University and Dr Eugenia Markova, London Metropolitan University.

Participants will receive copies of new ippr research on the integration of Bangladeshi, Iranian, Nigerian and Somali migrants.

There are several groups who risk being sidelined in efforts to promote integration and social cohesion, and especially in efforts to promote ‘Britishness’. These groups can include refugees and asylum-seekers, transient labour migrants, and irregular migrants. This roundtable will look at how each group relates to wider public policy objectives around integration. It will ask, for example, whether refugee integration strategies achieve their objectives and how local authorities can respond to the challenges of population mobility and irregular migration.

For further information or to confirm attendance please contact Holly Andrew, Migration and Equalities Team, ippr 0207 470 6170 or [email protected]

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