Services of skilled migrants not being utilized to optimum

Highly skilled working as shop assistants, security guards, supermarket cashiers 25th October 2010: The services of skilled migrants are not being utilized to the optimum.
It has now emerged that doctors, scientists and even entrepreneurs are working as shop assistants, security guards, and even supermarket cashiers.

In fact, reports are pouring in that thousands of ordinary jobs have gone to the foreigners allowed to enter the UK by laws meant to attract only the highly qualified.

A research shows the previous year nearly one in three immigrants in the category for top applicants was doing unskilled work.

Immigration Minister Damian Green, who lifted the lid on research, said tier one visas were for doctors, scientists and entrepreneurs. They could enter without a job offer.

Green said they discovered that 29 per cent of those issued visas last year under the category were doing unskilled jobs. They were shop assistants, security guards, supermarket cashiers.

Green used the statistics to attack `unlimited’ number of highly skilled migrants. He claimed they have a couple of million unemployed and 300,000 unemployed graduates; and it seemed pretty perverse if they were saying they have got to keep bringing in unlimited people because they were considered very highly skilled.

The assertion comes at a time, when analysis of latest statistics apparently shows Britons to be blamed for their own unemployment.

The figures show there were 26.530million Britons in jobs, approximately 650,000 down from the peak in summer 2008.

The statistics, drawn from the Labour Force Survey, clearly indicate that the jobs are widely available; and the Eastern Europeans are merely taking jobs that local workers are unwilling to do.

One of the possible reasons for this is that unemployed Britons consider some of the jobs as too low paid or too demanding.

The government, by intensifying its efforts to convince the Britons that jobs are preferable to a life of benefits dependency, indirectly acknowledges the fact that work is available. It’s not the lack of job opportunities, but only unwilling locals that are a cause of concern.
The statistics take the weight out of the government’s arguments in favour of a cap on the number of immigrants. The government has all along been saying lack of British jobs for Britons is one of the prime reasons behind the move to impose a cap. It is now clear the root of the problem is not foreign workers, but the attitude of the local workers

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